Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have you ever encountered a ghost?

If you go back and read my first post on this blog, you will discover that I lived in a haunted house for a period of almost three years.

My experiences varied, but seemed to increase more as time passed. In the end, I sold because I didn't want to live with it any longer among other things.

My question is: Have you ever encountered what you think might have been a ghost?


  1. Yup. Broad daylight on a highway. Saw him along the side of the road, told husband to watch out for him, saw him chase after something that rolled out to the middle of the highway. Truck passed us, we passed the point where the fellow was. I looked back, nothing.

  2. Yes. I've encountered more than one. I grew up in a huge old rambling brick Victorian house that was haunted.

  3. Haven't actually seen a ghost but I have seen a creepy shadow leaning against the inside of my bedroom door and I guess I saw what I think they call dopplegangers of my cousin twice.