Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spring Heeled Jack, Man or Myth?

Spring Heeled Jack, just the very mention of his name evokes images of terror from yesteryear.

The first reported sighting of this dubious character was in 1837, with further reports coming in from all areas of London, other parts of England, and right up into Scotland.

Urban legend or demon? Who is to say. But for a period in time he seemed to bring down a reign of terror for all those who claimed to have had encounters with him.
He was frightful in appearance, with claw like hands and eyes like balls of fire. It was claimed he could also leap high in the air, landing on the tops of buildings. All this was wrapped in a black cloak with a rubber- like black skin covering his body.

Man or myth? But when he/it started to attack people, there was an uprising and many sought to drive him/it for whence it came from.

One woman claimed to have been blinded by the fire Spring Heeled Jack spit from his mouth. Another said he appeared out of nowhere and clawed at her face and chest.
The last reported sighting of Spring Heeled Jack came during the 1870's. That is in England...

This story also has a local connection. In 1929, residents of St. John's, Newfoundland claimed to have spotted a being, dressed in black leaping the rooftops of the city. And while he didn't attack anyone as in England, they said while leaping, he'd let out a erie laugh into the night. Could it have been Spring Heeled Jack?

I hope you enjoyed this little tale. Real or not it makes for one heck of an interesting read.



  1. Most exciting. Of course it was him.

  2. Ooh, cool! ;-)

    I'm a wuss when it comes to such things now, but there was a time when I subscribed to Fortean Times (UK paranormal/weird mag)... :)


  3. Sounds similar to the Jersey Devil here in the States.